Harout Halajian, L.Ac.


Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine (Men’s Health, Emotional Wellness, Anxiety, Stress), Fertility Care (Male Factor Infertility), Pain Management, Cupping


English - Armenian


I’m Harout (ha-root) and I’m a licensed acupuncturist here at Well People! I specialize in Integrative Reproductive Medicine for men and women, and I have a background in Pain Management. I earned my master’s degree from Dongguk University, Los Angeles and my Doctorate from Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve also trained at Dongguk University Ilsan Medical Center in South Korea. 

A quote from Bruce Lee inspires my approach to patient care: You must be shapeless; formless, like water. As “shapelessness and formlessness” suggests a mindset that allows one to adapt easily to each unique case accordingly. In my practice this involves integrating the strengths of both East Asian and Western medicine appropriately, to achieve the best results for each client. 

When I’m not at Well People you can find me anywhere that has good food, good music, good people or any combination of the three. Either that or I’ll be home recharging with my cat and dog.

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"I’ve enjoyed my sessions with Harout. He’s to the point but still takes the time to understand the situation before approaching it. I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made so far."

-B.K., 47

"My first time trying acupuncture was with Harout. He’s helped me with tennis elbow and wrist pain. I referred my father to him who was having issues with trigger finger and he took care of that too!"

-C.L., 35 

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