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Enhance Wellbeing And Lifestyle Improvements Through Education, Community and Interpersonal Support

Our Community Events, Support & Groups

In full support of self-improvement, our online & in-person Community Class offerings can be enjoyed as part of our monthly membership. Enhance your life through education, community, and interpersonal support, by participating in any of our educational and lifestyle interventions, intended for various health related issues.

We offer a growing list of WHOLE BODY MEDICINE in-person and virtual classes with inspiring speakers to support your optimal health:

Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness and Sound Healing

Seed Fertility™ and Heart Math ™

Support Groups for women, men, couples, LGBTQ+ and grief

Education for fertility, mothering, parenting, teens, nutrition

And more!

Coming Soon To Our Brentwood - Los Angeles Location & Online

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Emotional Release Meditation with Felicia Burkley 

A guided meditation utilizing a visualization technique that guides the release of our emotions stored in our body according to the organ meridian theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will leave with a new tool to alleviate your body from the stored emotions that feel unreachable and inaccessible, leaving you feeling lighter and more clear.

We all tend to hold onto emotions that then become repressed and stored within the body. This meditation is an opportunity to utilize breathwork & visualization to move the emotions of fear, worry, grief, anger & shock out of our body.

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Resilient Heart Meditation with Cindy Grassle

A guided meditation incorporating the science from HeartMathTM to generate increased heart rhythm coherence and positive emotions. This coherent state can not only benefit the body, but can also profoundly impact how we think, feel and perform. Unlike relaxation, coherence is experienced as a calm, balanced, yet energized and responsive state which may be optimal for peak performance and creativity. Practiced regularly, these simple techniques can help shift your baseline to calm your nervous system, neutralize stress reactions, and discern better choices.

After a 10-15 minute guided meditation there will be an opportunity to briefly share your response to an empowering question. This opportunity is designed to quiet the mind, open the heart and cultivate a sense of community through authentic connection.

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Reiki Infused Sound Bath with Terri Fernandez

Bring yourself into harmony during this immersive experience. Relax and receive the healing frequencies of Reiki as you bathe in the sound of musical instruments including crystal sound bowls, chimes, and tuning forks. The potent combination of Reiki and Sound Healing can promote calm, relax the nervous system and activate the body's natural healing systems.

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I AM AT PEACE Sound Bath with Felicia Burkley

An opportunity to relax into the moment and allow the healing frequencies of crystal bowls, drums & bells to soothe the mind, body and spirit into the present moment. With the combination of guided meditation, affirmations and sound healing this is an opportunity for your conscious mind to slip into a state of deep relaxation and rewrite the old scripts that may keep you in a place of dissatisfaction and old patterns.

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Support After Relationship Loss with Samantha Munson, PhD

A support group for all people who are adjusting to a new chapter of life without a former partner or spouse. This support group will encourage holistic approaches to healing and include skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to help group members navigate life in new forms. Whether your relationship ended one month or five years ago, this group is intended to help members renew their inner light and step forward feeling more empowered.

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