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Most practitioners offer virtual and in-person care at our Los Angeles, CA (Brentwood) center
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Transforming Lives

Through Whole Body Medicine

At wellpeople, our services are designed to provide a comprehensive and integrative approach to healthcare by combining holistic healing methods that cater to the needs of the entire person. Our skilled practitioners offer a range of services, such as acupuncture and counseling, which target physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.  Our energetic healing techniques aim to balance the body's natural energy flow, while transcendent music vibrations help to foster deep relaxation and inner harmony. Together, these diverse offerings create a truly holistic healing experience, promoting overall health and wellness for each individual.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

This traditional energy medicine has been used for thousands of years to help humans balance their energy, restore their health and reclaim their lives.

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Mental & Emotional Health

Within the safety of a therapeutic space, you can take steps toward enhanced well-being, receive needed support, and pursue meaningful life change and growth. As an individual or couple, you have the opportunity to work with licensed psychologists who are dedicated to holistic care.

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Functional Medicine

We use a unique blend of Eastern and Western holistic functional medicine interventions, designed to gain an understanding of your body’s specific ecosystem and its particular needs to reach your health goals.

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Fertility Acupuncture

Offering a combined 50+ years of experience assisting thousands of subfertile patients/couples within the Los Angeles community, wellpeople practitioners understand that as humans evolve, so do their reproductive health care needs.

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Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Nurturing the woman AND her baby during all stages of the pregnancy and through her postpartum is our goal. A WHOLE BODY MEDICINE “four trimesters” approach to pregnancy and beyond can include a supportive combination of acupuncture, Mental and Emotional Health services, pregnancy massage, and herbal remedies when needed.

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Hormone Balance

Understanding the dynamic interplay of your body’s hormones is often the first step in creating a balanced life for both men and women. While women will ultimately navigate a menopause transition, at some point all people likely experience ebbs and flows of their hormones.

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Nutrition & Gut Health

Balance within the gut and digestive health are at the forefront of a healthy immune system and optimal quality of life. Our practitioners can advise on techniques and lifestyle choices that may promote better nutrition and a healthy, adequately balanced microbiome.

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Pain Management

Pain Management treatment is intended to help you regain a sense of control over your life, and transform pain into something that you can confidently manage. Treatment focuses on addressing inflammation, releasing energetic and muscular blockages, acknowledging the “pain-body” relationship and inserting mindfulness techniques where appropriate.

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Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) modality that involves placing small, dome-shaped cups on the skin to create suction. This suctioning technique is thought to improve the flow of energy in the body to release obstruction and facilitate healing.

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Massage Therapy

Healing touch can reduce stress, improve blood & lymphatic circulation, elevate mood, and may help with detoxification protocols. Massage can be an integral part of an optimized self-care routine, a valued addition to your WHOLE BODY MEDICINE treatment plan, or used to support yourself during times of increased stress.

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The use of hypnotherapy in a safe space can help address unwanted habits, repeated negative thoughts and behaviors. Our certified hypnotherapist offers private sessions intended to support your efforts to create necessary change. Hypnotherapy services can augment your fertility care and mental/emotional health services.

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Energy Medicine

Our Energy Medicine services can encompass any combination of the following modalities to help you approach life from a more balanced state: Reiki, Heart Math ™, yoga, qi cultivation, aromatherapy, flower essence sessions, microcurrent frequency healing, intuitive somatic processing and other forms of lightwork are offered regularly at wellpeople which can be utilized on their own, or in conjunction with any of the other services offered.

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Sound Healing

Sound healing can be used to powerfully adjust the vibration of the body systems. The skillful use of bowls and other musical instruments are known to positively impact the flow of energy throughout the human body, along with the intention of realigning the client with a higher source of divine energy, harmony and joy.

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Community Support, Events & Groups

In full support of self-improvement, our online & in-person Community Class offerings can be enjoyed as part of our monthly membership. Enhance your life through education, community, and interpersonal support, by participating in any of our educational and lifestyle interventions, intended for various health-related issues.

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We Are Whole Body Medicine