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Our Philosophy

We've created an inclusive collection of holistic treatment services for a community that's ready to experience a new way of living. Now's the time to blend mindfulness & the power of energy healing into your pursuit of optimal health. At wellpeople we’re helping people just like you; men, women, non-binary, families, couples, and teens. Our intention is always to assist you in:

Reaching Your Goals

Using a holistic, integrative approach to health offers patients the chance to heal on deeper levels and create more balance.

Experiencing Inner Peace

 Relaxing modalities, meditation, and mindfulness classes teach patients how to calm themselves.

Changing Your Life

The combination of acupuncture, counseling, sound healing, and reprogramming methods is an effective way to stimulate positive change.

Practicing whole body medicine is what we do every day at wellpeople.

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Supporting You On Your Path To Wholeness Is Our Collective Mission 

Whether you’re on a fertility journey, experiencing life change, navigating a chronic health condition or just looking for the best place to maintain your healthy lifestyle, we’ve got the right team in place to meet your needs.

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Community Offerings

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Learn how to stay well, balanced, and nurtured at every step of your life through our selection of whole body medicine classes

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Giving You The Power To Redirect Your Life

With the breadth of modalities that wellpeople offers, the possibilities are endless.  Our diverse team works together to optimize your healing experience by emphasizing the following areas:


Approaching your health from ALL angles, we're addressing the Mind, Body and Spirit. We are prepared to help you address your concerns by getting to the root of what’s happening.


You’ll find what you need with our diverse team of credentialed practitioners, healing services and modalities. Combining decades of experience, our multicultural team offers unique wisdom and a powerful blend of traditional + spiritual approaches to support you at each step of your healing journey.

Individuals, Couples & Families Welcome

Our empowering combination of healing tools encourages individual patients to employ better self-care practices. We work with women, men, and teens to promote greater harmony in personal relationships.


Your goals are our goals! We know that life and goals both happen in stages and success comes in many forms. We’re here to help you redefine success by acknowledging the important progress steps made along the way.


wellpeople is an intentional healing community with your optimal health in mind. You’ll be introduced to different members of our team so you have access to additional resources that can facilitate your personal growth and healing.


We’re on a mission to help people change their lives for the better by providing tools and resources for more wellness and healthy living. Our Whole Body Medicine approach, lifestyle blog, community classes, and personal guidance within each session will help you integrate all the parts of your being.

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