Mental & Emotional Health

Strive Toward Emotional Balance, Enhanced Well-being, And More Joy In Your Everyday Life With The Support Of Licensed Psychologists 


Mental & Emotional Health

Within the safety of a therapeutic space, you can take steps toward enhanced well-being, receive needed support, and pursue meaningful life change and growth. As an individual or couple, you have the opportunity to work with licensed psychologists who are dedicated to holistic care.

Psychotherapy services include the use of evidence-based treatments, such as Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, Cognitive-Behavior Therapy and Trauma-Informed approaches. You may seek Mental and Emotional Health services on their own, or they can be added to support other services provided at wellpeople.

Treatment plans are tailored to clients’ individual needs and goals and are supported by scientific research to address many areas of concern, such as:

Anxiety - Depression - Fertility Stress - Menopause Support -  Postpartum Anxiety & Maternal Mental Health -  Men’s Health - Traumatic Wounds/PTSD - Life Changes - Grief

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Mental & Emotional Health Practitioners

Dr. Ivy Margulies, PsyD

Mental & Emotional Health, Fertility Care, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing


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Dr. Samantha Munson, PhD

Mental & Emotional Health, Pain Management


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