Sound Healing

Allow Vibrational Frequencies To Positively Impact The Flow Of Your Body's Energy And Encourage Energetic Realignment

Sound Healing

Sound healing can be used to powerfully adjust the vibration of the body systems. The skillful use of bowls and other musical instruments are known to positively impact the flow of energy throughout the human body, along with the intention of realigning the client with a higher source of divine energy, harmony and joy. 

wellpeople sound healing practitioners help patients “tune in” vibrationally to elevated healing frequencies as needed for rebalancing.

Sound Healing is presented in a community setting or individual sessions. Both formats can balance your chakras (energy centers), and positively alter your body’s energy channels. This can change your body’s vibration from a state of chronic stress to a more peaceful, calm state of being.

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Sound Healing Practitioners

Terri Fernandez

Energy Medicine, Sound Healing


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Dr. Ivy Margulies, PsyD

Mental & Emotional Health, Fertility Care, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing


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Dr. Amanjeet Sahota, DAOM, NP, RN, L.Ac.

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, Pain Management, Cupping, Sound Healing

 LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Punjabi & Hindi

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