Dr. Ivy Margulies, Psy.D., PMH-C


Mental & Emotional Health (Perinatal, Reproductive & Maternal Mental Health, Grief, Trauma, and Trauma Informed Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Complex PTSD, and OCD. Individuals + Couples), Fertility Care, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support, Energy Medicine (Reiki, Frequency Healing, HeartMath™), Sound Healing




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Dr. Ivy Love Margulies is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in a wide array of life issues, including grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, widowhood and young widowhood, relationship challenges, child development, parenting, couples counseling, reproductive and maternal mental health, and holistic well-being. 

Under Dr. Margulies’ umbrella of specialties, she offers expertise within the spectrum of a woman’s reproductive life span. Including perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, helping women (and their partners) with transitions to motherhood, (in)fertility treatments, surrogacy, high-risk pregnancy management, birth trauma, neonatal intensive care experiences (NICU), miscarriage(s), secondary infertility, pregnancy release for any reason, termination for fetal anomaly diagnoses, stillbirth, infant death, and pregnancy after loss.

Dr. Margulies’ approach to psychotherapy is to facilitate a deeper understanding of oneself with self-compassion and non-judgment, thereby creating space for introspection, curiosity, and clarity. To support this therapeutic process, Dr. Ivy holds a space for her clients that feels safe and supportive, yet also dynamic, engaging, and meaningful.

Dr. Ivy believes that our emotions dictate how we will form decisions, choices, and take action (or no action) in the world. She facilitates the process of healing by helping her clients befriend their fears, challenge their negative beliefs, and to incorporate mindfulness and self-regulation techniques to find relief during times of suffering and anxiety.

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Dr. Ivy Margulies is an independently practicing psychologist. She maintains separate client records. No information is shared with the group without your written permission.

“Dr Ivy has such a beautiful, kind, generous spirit. Her ability to make people feel at ease and her trusting nature makes people feel so comfortable right away. I feel honored to have met her, and she will forever leave an imprint on my heart. Thank you, Dr. Ivy for reframing loss and helping me to mend my broken heart.”

-L.E., 36

“A million thank yous to Dr. Ivy for being there at a time when I needed guidance, compassion and light. Our work together helped me to manage my anxiety and fear about a subsequent pregnancy after three miscarriages. I could not have done it without your support.”

-M.R., 32

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