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Improving Male Factor Fertility and Repairing Sperm DNA with Acupuncture

dr. danica thornberry harout halajian male factor fertility men's health Jun 12, 2023
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If you’re part of a couple, the part who “just” needs to provide a good sample, then naturally you’re at a loss when you learn that your sperm DNA is fragmented…

What’s a guy to do?

Well, antioxidants for one thing, and stat! The sooner you start taking antioxidants (selenium, zinc, etc.), the sooner you start reducing the harmful effects of oxidative stress on sperm DNA. As the current standard of care to repair damaged sperm, all men hoping to improve male factor fertility should take an antioxidant blend.

A few we recommend are Theralogix Conception XR Motility Support and WeNatal prenatals for him and her.

But beyond takiing male fertility supplements (which take 90 days to show their efficacy), is there anything else men can do?

We think yes.

Acupuncture. Specifically, acupuncture that’s directed at reducing the impact of perceived stress by the hypothalamus with its connection to the testes.

The logic is that antioxidant supplements work on the cellular level, improving sperm DNA through nutrition.

However, reducing the impact of life stress on a man’s mind and body is another potentially powerful way to treat fragmented sperm DNA at the root – by calming his stressed out nervous system.

wellpeople Men’s Health acupuncturist Harout Halajian, L.Ac. is a doctoral candidate at Yo San University looking to measure the positive impact of acupuncture on sperm DNA.

Specifically, he’s curious about how well the relaxing effects of acupuncture treatments improve male factor fertility.

He’s recruiting subjects interested in helping to resolve this fertility concern that’s finally getting the attention it deserves, as male factor issues like sperm DNA fragmentation are a known cause of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Men aged 18-40 are needed to serve as participants and controls. If you’re interested in being a part of the solution or getting more information, contact Harout directly at [email protected]

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