Alice Walther


Energy Medicine (Infinichi™, Western Renaissance Shamanic Journeying, Emotional Wellness), Massage Therapy (Tuina), Pain Management (Post-Surgical Pain, Chronic Pain), Hormone Balance (Obesity and Weight Management


English - Japanese


Alice Walther is a graduate intern from Yo San University, with a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies. Under clinical supervision, Alice focuses on treating anxiety, pain management, trauma recovery, and body work.

Fluent in Japanese, Alice embodies a dynamic blend of East meets West, to offer treatments she’s developed over years of international study. Alice provides Infinichi™ energetic medicine sessions, as well as Cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina Massage, Ear Seeding, and more. 

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“Alice has the most caring heart and amazing healing hands. She’s an intuitive, insightful, and gifted healer who has clearly walked her own path of self-discovery. Alice creates magic using her practice of Infinichi™ and has helped me move through the hardest time of my life. Thank you, Alice!”

-D.T., 51

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