Dr. Amanjeet Sahota, DAOM, NP, RN, L.Ac.


Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine (Internal Medicine, Immune Health, Cosmetic, Emotional Wellness, Pediatrics, Women’s Health), Pain Management, Cupping, Sound Healing


English, Punjabi, Hindi


[email protected]


My name, Aman (pronounced a-mahnn), means victory of peace. I’m a descendant of the Indo-Aryans and grew up speaking Punjabi, and by default, I also learned Hindi. An avid learner and graduate of Johns Hopkins and Duke University, I hold double bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Nursing. My professional background, in addition to practicing acupuncture, is as a Nurse Practitioner working bedside within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), within the medical surgical neurology unit, and in home hospice. I worked heavily on the frontlines during the COVID pandemic in the ICU. My aim is to help patients build their immunity to help prevent the globalization of different virus transmissions using an integrative approach. 


In my healing approach, I strive to merge both the Eastern and Western worlds of medicine. 

I’m in the process of attaining my Doctorate of Acupuncture at Yo San University, pursuing a capstone dissertation project to understand how Qigong sound chanting affects the body's physical and psychological functions.


When I’m not with patients, I can be found doing headstands, writing poetry, spending time outdoors in nature, seeking adrenaline activities, and balancing the rush with a beach run or Tai Qi. I have an immense fervor for dancing ecstatically or busting out in song. I shred it with my skates down Santa Monica boulevard, but also enjoy meditation practices.

I am forever a student; always learning and looking forward to learning more, in whatever reciprocal form our energies have to offer.  


My favorite quote: “As above, so below… as within, so without… as the universe, so the soul!” – Hermes Trismegistus

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"Aman blends both Western and Eastern knowledge in her treatments. She is calm, poised, and was able to create an effective treatment plan for numbness in my thigh muscle. It was a successful experience; and my numbness is no more."

-M.C., 48

"I was really scared to have needles put in my body. I had problems with low energy levels and my monthly cycle. My mom was getting acupuncture and stayed with me during my treatments with Aman. I stopped being afraid of the needles because Aman is so cool!”

-P.R., 13

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