Gia Pluma


Cupping, Pain Management, Massage Therapy (Tuina), Energy Medicine (Emotional Wellness, Somatic Processing, Reiki, Infinichi, Distance Healing)




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Giacomina (Gia) Pluma has been practicing energetic medicine for over a decade. She’s spent years studying various modalities to fill her healer’s toolbox. She integrates energetic medicine, somatic processing, and mindset shifts in a way that can help the client transform their perceived challenging life experience. A seasoned guide on the path of healing, Gia is well-versed in the fields of shadow work, nervous system regulation, and various self-care practices that can aid her clients in building a solid foundation for wellness. 

Gia holds a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University. She is certified in Reiki and was trained in Infinichi™ at the College of Tao. Infinichi™is a modality of energetic medicine that combines Taoist cultivation, Chinese medicine theory, and energetic healing arts, including distance healing. 

Gia is dedicated to creating a safe space for her clients to approach healing -- physically, mentally and emotionally. She teaches the concept of “process over perfection”. Her goal as a healer, lightworker, and practitioner of energetic medicine is to gently guide her clients into a more lasting state of wellness and wellbeing.

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“My session with Gia was amazing.  I’d never done this type of healing before so I had no idea what to expect when she offered to heal me at a distance. As I relaxed I began to see the image of a woman above me as if she were holding me in her lap and as I surrendered to the experience I felt very safe and loved which under the circumstances at the time of my lifetime was quite palpable and peaceful. I could go on for a long time describing how transformative this session was to my healing, and the many facets of energy I experienced.

It was pretty cool when the session was over and she informed me that she was using a stuffed animal as a stand-in for me. I’m not sure if we astral projected together or what, but it was unreal. That sort of validated the deep positive feelings I had during and after the session.

I think Gia has a gift to heal for sure. And I’m excited to have her work on me again.”

-TM, Age 47

“After falling at a skate park, my back felt as if it were broken. I couldn’t stand straight and thought that I was going to have to get surgery on my spine. I saw Gia because I thought why not try this before more extreme measures. After one session, I could stand up straight without pain and walk perfectly. Nothing short of a miracle to me. Thank you, Gia.”

-J.H. 50

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