Christina DuBois, L.Ac.


Back Pain, Emotional Wellness), Fertility Care, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support, Hormone Balance (PCOS, Irregular Cycles, PMS & PMDD)




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Hi! I’m Christina, a California Board certified licensed Acupuncturist and Yoga instructor based in Los Angeles, California. I received my bachelor’s degree in Medical Anthropology. Through studying and learning about different ways to look at medicine cross-culturally, I knew I wanted to be in a healing space. When I found Acupuncture through my own healing journey, I decided to pursue my master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University, where I specialized in Women’s & Children’s Health.

I am passionate about creating a comforting, peaceful, and safe environment for my patients. I’m committed to finding an approach that may work with your life while going at your pace. I believe that medicine can be integrative, holistic, and tailored to each individual’s body. As a registered Yoga instructor, when applicable, I incorporate movement and breathing techniques to help patients manage stress and pain.

As a former practitioner at Well Women Acupuncture, I blended a holistic combination of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas, supplements, diet recommendations, patient education and empowerment, lifestyle enhancements, yoga therapy, and breathing techniques to help optimize fertility outcomes. I look forward to discussing your specific journey and ways that I might best support your process.

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"I am so grateful that I met Christina at Well Women. She has been such an important person on my journey to becoming a mother. Christina is insightful, knowledgeable, understanding, supportive, resourceful, and genuinely kind. She is a good listener who helps ease my fears and disappointments. I look forward to every session with her because I always leave the clinic feeling more grounded, positive, hopeful and confident that I am headed in the right direction physically and mentally." 

- M.M., 44

“I came to Christina and Well Women Acupuncture after going through 2 years of fertility treatments. I was looking for a different way to approach my upcoming round of IVF and am so glad I found her. She walked me through The Seed Fertility Program, helped create a sense of calm around the process and was always so warm and comforting. I looked forward to our sessions each week. Her knowledge and compassion put me immediately at ease. After seeing her for several months and including herbs in my protocol, I’m happy to say my story has a happy ending. I’m so grateful she was part of my team on this journey and would highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture or incorporating it into their IVF protocol.”

-A.N., 36

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