Larissa Laskin, Life Coach & Seed Fertility Instructor


Fertility Care, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support, Health & Life Coaching




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Larissa Laskin is a certified Health and Life Coach, committed to helping women realize their dream of becoming a mother and not lose themselves in the process. Supporting her clients to safeguard their energy, spirit and time and focus their efforts to achieve successful outcomes is a very personal commitment. 

During her own 4 year journey to become a mother, Larissa, learned and practiced to embrace, wholeheartedly, many fertility and mind/body/spirit therapies to realize her dream, and reduce the stress, pain and frustration along the way. She is forever grateful to Dr Danica Thornberry who helped her bring baby Sasha into the world almost 15 years ago. 

For women wanting continued support personally tailored to their fertility journey Larissa offers coaching sessions virtually and in person at wellpeople. She has a creative approach to helping them discover how they can boost their fertile confidence and start “blooming where they are planted”, as the SEED program teaches, to make the most of this extraordinary path to Motherhood.

Helping her clients find the right balance of effort and ease as they navigate this extraordinary path to motherhood is a privilege and a responsibility.    

“A woman doesn’t choose this challenge, but she can choose how she is going to meet this challenge. Yes, what you do during this journey is important, but how you are doing it is equally important. I encourage you to explore what your mind and soul need to empower yourself and take control of how you become a mother. There is great reward and lasting benefit from that work”.


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